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Monday, May 28, 2007


Hey People!!

I got the delivery of my Logan a few days back and I AM DELIGHTED to say the least! I am really amazed, how this Diesel Beast acts like an Obedient Beauty on the roads! Amazing performance i must say!! Also, the Space inside is Superb. Maximum Leg room, both in front as well as back makes this Car a Class Beater. The Air conditioning also is Fabulous, Interiors are rocking, Sexy Pickup and Drive!! Wat more can one ask for??

Overall, a Great package! Go For it People!! Take My Word for it!!

I will be posting more exclusive pictures of te Logan soon. If anyone has any specific query, please post here. I'll probably in a better position than before of answering it, since i have my car now!. Also, If you want area specific(Engine, Interiors, etc..) pictures, please request here and i'll be obliged to help you.

(Others who have got their Logan or are going to get it, please feel free to post here too! and keep checking the comments)


Anonymous said...

Did you get any goodies from you car. My dealer is not even giving me floor mats;( and over all how was the dealer handling. Mine was substandard just went along with them because I like the car.

Saumil Bhavsar said...

Nothin frm the dealer!! no dealer will give u for a new car!! i financed the car from a HDFC DSA so they gave me - Teflon, Mudflaps, Antirust, Mats and Sun-Films!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Saumil,

I am palnning to buy Logan 1.4 GL (petrol). Could please share me your experiences with your Logan.

1) Have you driven it in the steep roads. How is it climbing?
2) Is there enough space to keep the left foot when the driver is not using the clutch?
3) How is the noise protection inside the car?


S Balaji

Saumil Bhavsar said...

1) I have Driven the Petrol as well as the Diesel on Steep Roads but didnt have any problem at all!! Its quite a superb engine dont worry!!
2) There is ample space to keep your foot when not on the clutch, infact there also a raised platform for you to rest your foot on!!
3) Speaking about the noise, there is no sound at all inside the car, its a superb silent cabin!!

Anonymous said...

When I open the hood of my DLS I am able to see the road below the engine. There are large gaps below. Do all cars have this or it is someting to do with logan. Any Ideas on how to reduce the road noise. Can I use carpet or some stuff ? The engine is super silent for sure little bit of chatter in idle though. Any Takes on the K&N filter for logan.

Saumil Bhavsar said...

Tat you can see the Road is a Sign of Advanced engineering! Its HOW BEAUTIFULLY THEY have packed the engine!! Nothin to worry about!! Instaed be happy tat u got such an advanced Car!!
Wat Road noise are u talkin abt., i havent noticed any!?!?
K&N Filers is something even i want to try!! if you try, temme the result ;) I am waiting for sum review bfore tryin!!
Take Care
Happy Loganing!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Saumil

I planning to buy Logan DLS. Incidently this is the first time I will go for a diesel vehicle. A couple of querries:

1) How does it compare with Ford Fiesta...power and fuel economy?

2) I read in some of the review that you do not have remote operation for the Boot.

Thanks for your time


Saumil Bhavsar said...

Great Going!!
Answers For your Query:-
1) In comparision to the Fiesta, The Power and Economy is similar. But if you go to see VFM, i think Logan Scores more with better interiors and Great Space. Also the Boot is much Bigger at 510 Litres. The Logan has more space in it than even the Mercedes C200(forget the Fiesta).Which means you'll definately feel more comfortable in a Logan than in any other car be it city driving or long runs. Secondly, the Logan is about 1-1.5 Lakhs cheaper than the Fiesta which i think means a lot!! Also, A Mahindra car is much easier and cheaper to maintain than a Ford, which is quite expensive to maintain(which i have heard). Above are a few reasons i went for the Logan and not the Fiesta!!

2) Yes the logan doesnt have remote boot operation but i dont think its a great drawback! Infact, how many times do you open your boot? And you'll obviously open the boot only when the car is standstill! So i dont think the remote boot opening not being present is a major drawback!!