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Friday, December 21, 2007

Logan Mileage Run in Mangalore!

Mangalore, Dec 19: Mahindra Renault Private Ltd and Karnataka Agencies had organized a fuel efficiency validation drive on Logan cars on December 16. As many as 26 Logan owners participated in the event. The fuel efficiency test was conducted as directed by Lancelot Saldanha who is an acknowledged professional in this respect .

A point-to-point drive was organized of a total run of 51.3 kms which had to be completed in a given time. Diesel or petrol as per the requirement was filled in the beginning of the event which was named Logan Driveathon. The fuel tank was sealed immediately after filling and the customer was briefed about the route that was set along with the tulip. In order to give a right picture of fuel efficiency to the customers the route selected had a mix of wonderful Mangalore Roads, ups and downs of Gurpur, twists and turns of airport road. Customers experienced the real driving conditions which they encounter during day-to-day driving. The results were exceptionally good validating the claim by Mahindra Renault Private Ltd that Logan is a performance car and one of the main performance parameters being fuel efficiency.

K S Kopplakar, GM in-charge (Materials, MRPL) who returned a fuel efficiency of 23.01 kms per liter in the diesel category. In the petrol category the results were even more encouraging where Ravishankar Mayya returning with a fuel efficiency of 20.8 kms per liter in a 1.4 L petrol Logan.

An elated K S Kopplakar shared his rich experience with the other Logan owners and informed the gathering that fuel efficiency in vehicles like Logan will help conserve the dwindling hydrocarbons. Ravishankar Mayya also addressed the gathering expressing his delight on the consistently high fuel average that he is able to get in his petrol vehicle.

Karnataka Agencies has announced a special deal for Logan's for the month of December 2007
(Source :- Daijiworld)

Friday, November 30, 2007


J.D. Power Asia Pacific Reports:

  • Honda City, Honda CR-V, Mahindra-Renault Logan, Maruti Swift and Toyota Innova Also Rank Highest in Their Respective Segments

  • The study, which serves as the industry benchmark for new-vehicle quality measured at two to six months of ownership, has been completely redesigned for 2007 to provide manufacturers with deeper insights and more actionable information to improve problem determination and drive product improvement. The redesigned IQS now examines more than 200 problem symptoms in two distinct categories—quality of design and quality of production—across eight vehicle components: vehicle exterior; driving experience; features, controls and displays; audio, entertainment and navigation; seats; heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC); vehicle interior and engine and transmission. Overall quality performance is based on both design quality and production quality problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), with lower scores indicating a lower rate of problem incidences and higher vehicle quality.

  • New to the study rankings in 2007 are the premium compact and SUV segments. In the premium compact segment, the Maruti Swift (116 PP100) ranks highest, while the new Honda CR-V (50 PP100) tops the SUV segment. In the entry midsize segment, the newly launched Mahindra-Renault Logan ranks highest with 65 PP100, while in the MUV/MPV segment, the Toyota Innova (111 PP100) ranks highest for a third consecutive year.

  • The study finds that initial quality of new vehicles in India averages 173 PP100 in 2007, with more than one-half (54%) of new-vehicle owners reporting at least one problem within the first six months of ownership. Engine-and transmission-related problems are the most frequently reported, followed by problems related to vehicle exterior and driving experience. Together, these three problem categories comprise two-thirds of the total number of vehicle problems experienced in India. Among all problem symptoms covered in the study, excessive fuel consumption remains the most frequent customer-reported problem.

  • The 2007 India Initial Quality Study (IQS), now in its 11th year, is based on evaluations from nearly 6,000 owners who purchased a new vehicle between November 2006 and July 2007. The study includes 43 vehicle models covering 11 makes. The study was fielded from May to September 2007 in 15 cities across India.


Source : - J.D.Power Aisa-Pacific 2007 India Initial Quality Study (IQS)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Car Mileage Rally - 2nd Dec 2007

All Logan(Petrol) Owners can participate in the rally and actually, show the World, Which is the Superior car ;-)

Car Mileage Rally on Dec. 2,2007
Western India Automobile Association in collaboration with The Petroleum Conservation Research Association, will be organizing the PCRA-WIAA Car Mileage Rally in Mumbai on December 2. 2007

The 65km (apprx.) rally is being organized to encourage and spread the message of fuel conservation through good driving habits.

The rally is open to only petrol vehicles for following Categories:

1. Cars Up to 1100CC
2. Cars above 1300CC to 1600CC
3. Cars above 1601CC
4. Imported Cars

Entries are open on a first-come-first-serve basis for the first 100 cars.

The deadline for entries is November 28 at 4.30 p.m. and should be submitted at the Western India Automobile Association, 1st floor, Indian Merchants' Chamber, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020.

The assembly of the cars will be at Super Services (STNS) Pvt. Ltd. Car Park 157 Behind Petroleum House, Near Mantralaya, Jeevan Bima Marg, Near HP Pump, Back Bay Reclamation, Mumbai 400 020 on 2nd December from 8.00am onwards.

For more details contact WIAA: Tel: 22041085 / 22041271Fax 22041382. E-mail: wiaaindia@rediffmail.comContact Person: Ms. Shulamit Isaacs./ Mr. Rohan Dangle.

Entry Form


Monday, November 12, 2007

Scuff Plates for the LOGAN!

Heres a pik from our dear friend Dushyant. He has installed these 'Scuff Plates' in his Logan. Scuff plates are installed to protect the color of the door area as it constantly foights with pelts, stones, muck and wat not from our shoes!
They cost him about Rs.1000/-

If any of u have any other pictures if the Logan, send them to me on saumilalpa@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Logan with Spoiler!

Heres a pic posted by an avid LOGANISER Mr. Vyenkatesh.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

LOGANS the BEST, Once Again!!

New Delhi (PTI): Mahindra & Mahindra's (M&M) sedan Logan, which hit the Indian roads some six months back, has been named among the 16 best cars not sold in America by a leading US magazine.

In the list of 'The Best Cars Not Sold in America', compiled by BusinessWeek in its latest edition, Logan is the only Indian car along side 15 others being sold in the non-American markets.

Pointing out that Logan is originally a model from Romanian automaker Dacia, the magazine noted, "Mahindra and Mahindra would probably love to export cars to this country (US) some day, but that day is probably several years away."

Dacia is part of Renault which was bailed out of the American market way back in 1986.
Most of the other cars named in the list are from Europe and Japan, such as Opel Zafira, Peugeot 308, Renault Scenic, Citroen C3 Pluriel, Alfa Romeo Spider, Ford Focus, Smart for Two and Mercedes-Benz A Class.

The list also includes a Chinese car Cherry QQ, Nissan Pino (Japan), Holden VE Ute (Australia), Citroen C-Crosser, SEAT Altea Freetrack and Alfa Romeo 8C.

Source: The Hindu, 21st Oct'07

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Excerpt from OVERDRIVE, 3rd August 2007.

"There you have it - the Logan’s ace in the pack* (its ace in the pack the world over). For Rs 5.68 lakh you get a car that’s almost perfect for India – rides brilliantly, has the roomiest interiors, boasts all the equipment you’ll need and is robust like no other car here. With this pricing I don’t see the other cars getting much of a look in. Little wonder the whole country has its eyes glued to the Logan. "

*(Pack includes LOGAN, Ford Fiesta, Accent CRDI and Aveo)


Good News People!

Mahindra Renault have come out with OFFICIAL Upgrades for the Logan! Which means you can get Power Windows for cars without them, get orginal Seat Covers, Steering Covers, Lights, Fog Lamps and much much more! All is is ORIGINAL u can be sure cause its frm the Manufacturer itself and it has some warranty on it too i guess!
For more, go to your Logan Dealer and ask for a Accessories Brochure!

Saturday, August 4, 2007



YES! MAHINDRA RENAULT SOLD 2890 UNITS OF THE LOGAN only in the month of July'07.






Thursday, July 26, 2007

More LOGANS with Spoilers!

Hey Guys!

Here are some more pictures of our LOGAN with Spoilers and Skirts! This should be helpful to people who are planning to add spoilers and skirts to the LOGAN!

Also Check Out this LOGAN Sports Cars!! Pretty Cool, Isnt it!!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Check This Out Guys!! A Sexy Modified LOGAN!! This ones from Romania!! But We all can sure draw some Inspiration cant we!!!

Source : Automotorclub

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More LOGANS in the making!!

KOLKATA: Mahindra-Renault, a 51:49 partnership between Mahindra & Mahindra and Renault, will gradually increase the production capacity of Logan in the country, a company official said on Tuesday.
The company was manufacturing 90 units per day at the moment at its Nashik plant. The peak capacity of the plant was 50,000 units per annum, Mahindra-Renault Vice-president Nalin Mehta told reporters here.

Mehta said that more products from the Mahindra-Renault products stable would be introduced in the Indian market from the proposed greenfield plant coming up at Chennai with a production capacity of four lakh units per annum.
Production at the Chennai plant was expected to commence from 2009.

Launched in select cities in April, the company sold 2,786 units in May and 2,386 units in June.

Mehta said the company would focus on the domestic market and not on exports in the immediate future. It would also expand distribution and service network across the country, he added.

Source : The Economic Times.

Design a New LOGAN and More!!!

Mumbai, July 19: French carmaker Renault, which plans to develop USD 3,000 car for the Indian market, today said it has opened a design centre - Renault design India.

The design unit would be developed as other units in Barcelona, Paris and Bucharest to handle initial project design to final mock-up of a vehicle, Renault said in a statement.

The centre was earlier operating as an "observation unit" with six employees. Thecompany plans to hire more automobile designers.

Renault design India in association with AutoCar magazine is launching a competition called "Inddesign" to turn the spotlight on Indian design.

The competition winner would get a three-month placement at Renault design India, it said.

The Mumbai design centre played a major role in the Logan car, the company said. Renault and Mahindra have a joint venture to make Logan in India.

It has a separate venture with Mahindra and Nissan Motor to make cars in Chennai.

Source : Zee News Web.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

LOGAN Gives the AVEO and FIESTA a Run for their Money!!

Mumbai : The C-segment is buzzing with choice in the car market. Here are the contenders - Mahindra Renault Logan 1.6, the Ford Fiesta 1.4 and the Chevrolet Aveo 1.4. If you are confused about which car is the right one for you, then it's time to clear the air.

The Logan does come with a 1.4 engine which is way cheaper than anything else in this comparison. So, it would definitely make that one the value for money package.
But the 1.6 scores better because it's in the right price category. With the Logan 1.6, it matches the 1.4. So, what you're getting is a better engine, better acceleration figures at the price of a 1.4 engine.

This car is extremely spacious and it has a large boot, which is a plus point, especially for the Indian market. The engine is refined and plus it handles well. This car is quite an all-rounder and it's really tough to pin any shortcomings on this car.

But the Logan makes up for that with a boot that is as big as the Civic's and has space enough to match a Corolla and it's 85 bhp, 1.6 litre dutiful engine seems a steal at the price.

If you want to combine it all (Driving pleasure, Refinement, Space, Comfort) and luxury but want cracking value for money, then close your eyes and go in for the Logan.

Source :IBNLive.com, 02/07/07.

Monday, July 2, 2007

New LOGAN DLX/GLX Launched!

Finally 2 new variants of the very Popular LOGAN were launched. DLX for Diesel and GLX for Petrol. I have listed the features below. Please note that i have listed only those features that are not there in the GL/GLE/DLE and added to yhr DLX/GLX. Have also not listed the features that are not there in the DLX/GLX but there in the DLS/GLS.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Mahindra Renault unveils 2 new variants of LOGAN!

Mahindra Renault on Tuesday unveiled two new variants of Logan within the existing range, priced at Rs 5.35 lakh and Rs 6.12 lakh respectively, ex-showroom price in Bangalore.

The new models, 1.6 GLX (petrol) and 1.5 dCi DLX (diesel) have been positioned in-between the GLE/DLE and GLS/DLS variants of the Logan.

The additional features include adjustable rear-head restraint, trunk room light, front and rear power windows and central locking systems, Mahindra Renault Private Limited Vice President (Sales and Marketing) Nalin Mehta said.

Logan, launched in April 2007, was rolled out in a phased manner across 11 cities spread over 28 dealers with a sales figure of 2,786 units in May, he said.

"We are looking at expanding to 20 towns by the end of this month spread over 43 dealers and ramping it up to 70 dealers in the next two months," he said.
Mahindra and Mahindra's Nashik plant where Logan cars are produced has an installed capacity to produce 50,000 units annually. "This (50,000 units) is our peak production capacity and we plan to achieve this next year," Mehta added.

Source :- Times of India

Monday, June 25, 2007




Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ur Picturesque LOGAN!


Post your LOGAN Pictures here!! I've posted my pictures all ove the blog, its your turn now!!

To start with, Dharmesh has posted sum pictures of his White Logan DLS


Follow Suit People!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Hey People!!

I got the delivery of my Logan a few days back and I AM DELIGHTED to say the least! I am really amazed, how this Diesel Beast acts like an Obedient Beauty on the roads! Amazing performance i must say!! Also, the Space inside is Superb. Maximum Leg room, both in front as well as back makes this Car a Class Beater. The Air conditioning also is Fabulous, Interiors are rocking, Sexy Pickup and Drive!! Wat more can one ask for??

Overall, a Great package! Go For it People!! Take My Word for it!!

I will be posting more exclusive pictures of te Logan soon. If anyone has any specific query, please post here. I'll probably in a better position than before of answering it, since i have my car now!. Also, If you want area specific(Engine, Interiors, etc..) pictures, please request here and i'll be obliged to help you.

(Others who have got their Logan or are going to get it, please feel free to post here too! and keep checking the comments)

Mahindra Renault Logan receives an 'Awesome Response'

India’s first wide body car Logan from Mahindra Renault has received resounding response from customers in the 11 cities that the car has been launched so far. The Logan received more than 3000 bookings in three weeks.

The response from across the country is in line with the product’s class defying strengths in terms of space, safety and engine performance. Mr. Rajesh Jejurikar, MD, Mahindra Renault Pvt. Ltd., said, “The Logan has evinced phenomenal response since its launch as evident from the bookings. Our dealers had to deal with over 25,000 inquiries so far. This is very significant considering that the Logan has been launched in only 40 percent of the markets.”
More than 11,000 test drives were given to customers, 3000 of which were converted to bookings. “This is a healthy ratio of over 30% conversion from test drives to bookings,” said Mr. Jejurikar.

Bookings have opened in dealerships across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Nashik, Delhi - NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Jalandhar.

“The Logan has been getting over 1,200 inquires every day,” Mr. Jejurikar said, adding, “The launches have been made in a phased manner starting with Mumbai on April 9. The phased ramp-up is to help cushion demand as we increase our plant capacity to planned level of 50,000 per annum by July.” The Logan made its debut on April 3, 2007 with a host of class-defying features at an aggressive price.

Mr. Nalin Mehta, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Mahindra Renault Pvt. Ltd., said, “The trend so far has shown that the 1.5 litre dCi common rail vehicle has been a great hit among customers. This is very much in line with our expectations given the fuel and cost efficiency of diesel combined with Logan’s superior technology, which rivals the best petrol cars on the road.”

“Our challenge now is to meet customer demand for the car,” concluded Mr. Jejurikar.

Source : Moneycontrol.com

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Logan Diesel- A Well-Built Car with Excellent Economy!!

This article is of the Mahindra Renault Logan, from Business Standard Motoring, I won’t copy paste the whole article here, but a few excerpts on the car, that I found worth taking a note of.

Except 1: Proves to be, quite a spacious car.
" Make no mistake, this is a car built to a price. And the Indian version sticks to the brief like glue. The design is not like any of the contemporary Renaults since the thinking when the Logan was conceived, was a car that looked as robust as it actually was. Mahindra can be happy that like their proven utes, the Logan is a sturdy machine. It is evident the way the doors shut, how the car rides over bad roads, skims over speed-breakers and how it tackles corners. There is nothing flimsy about this machine. And then there is space – lots of it. An airy cabin with the feel accentuated by pre-tanned grainy plastic (again, lots of it), lots of elbow and head room (bring on the turbans) and a rear bench seat that can actually seat three make it a class leader. We drove a diesel car close to 600 km before filing this report, and that too, over all kinds of roads and we came back impressed. Fit and finish of the car, despite a very labour intensive manufacturing process which makes it affordable, is second to none. This car is absolutely well put together. The powertrain (imported for the time being) felt indestructible too in a way traditional engines did. The gear ratios are suited for commuting and we were surprised how easy the diesel was to drive on congested Mumbai roads. The improved airconditioner did a good job of keeping the commute cool. Getting in and out of the car is easy and seats are good for three-hour stints. Another strength area is economy – Mahindra Renault claims 18 kpl on the highway and our Logan actually returned 20 kpl easily. Brilliant indeed. The petrol models are supposed to return 10-13 kpl but we are yet to drive them.The Logan is contemporary when it comes to crashworthiness. And the company has offered driver-side airbags as standard fitment for the top-end models. Way to go. "

Excerpt 2: As a reader on my blog had commented, asking the commutablity of the car in highly congested traffic, here’s an answer.
"The gear ratios are suited for commuting and we were surprised how easy the diesel was to drive on congested Mumbai roads."

Excerpt 3: Value For Money!
" In short, the car should appeal to anyone who is planning to buy anything, from the top-of-the-line Hyundai Santro and Suzuki Wagon R to the Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Getz to the Honda City and Ford Fiesta. The top-end petrol model with a 1.6-litre engine is a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh cheaper than a City while the premium diesel variant is a clean Rs 1 lakh cheaper than a Fiesta TDCi – yes, it looks like moving 50,000 units won't be a problem for the Indo-French combine "

Excerpt 4: To summarise it all…
"Right product, right manufacturing strategy, right risk mitigation exercises and right pricing and packaging. If you are looking for a well-built car that can offer excellent economy, then the Logan diesel is where your hunt should end. "

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The 'FRUGAL' Logan

One of Carlos Ghosn’s favourite words is “frugal”. As boss of Renault-Nissan, a Franco-Japanese carmaking alliance, he likes to talk of “frugal management”. Now, as his firm rolls out the Logan, its “world car”, in developing countries across the globe, Mr Ghosn has found a whole nation to help champion his cause. “India’s not just a market—it’s where we learn to be frugal,” he says.

Renault-Nissan is learning from Mahindra & Mahindra, an Indian conglomerate with interests from tractor-making to financial services. Mahindra Renault, a joint venture formed in 2005, launched a new version of the Logan in India this month with a price tag of $7,100 before tax. The development of the new model cost 15% less than expected and was completed a month ahead of schedule. Compared with the original Logan, which Renault designed in Romania after acquiring the former Dacia factory near Bucharest, the new version has better styling, beefed up suspension to cope with India’s poor roads and improved air-conditioning.

Since 2004 over 450,000 Logans have been sold in 51 countries. The car is variously sold under the Renault, Nissan and Dacia brands. The initial sales target of 50,000 cars a year in India sounds modest, but Renault has big plans for India, where manufacturing costs are 10% lower than in Romania, says Mr PĂ©lata. Sales of new cars are growing by 10% a year and are expected to reach two million by 2010. Renault Mahindra is investing $950 million in a new factory in Chennai that will be capable of making 350,000 vehicles a year and will build six Logan models, including an estate and a hatchback. The new Indian-developed version of the car will also be introduced into several other countries, including Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. But perhaps the most unusual new market for the car is Iran, where it went on sale last month.

Renault even hopes to export cars to other countries in the region, subject to UN sanctions. Designed, built and sold in the developing world, the Logan is shaping up to be the VW Beetle of the 21st century.
Courtesy :- The Financial Express

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The LOGAN Hitting the Road soon!!


The Most Awaited Car in India will hit the Roads very shortly!!! Your Wait is Getting Over!

With deliveries starting on 7th of May in Mumbai, I am sure most of us have our fingers crossed for earliest deliveries!!

Please keep posting about any deliveries received or post pictures of Logans seen on Road!

Friday, April 27, 2007



The Mahindra Renault Logan by theory is supposed to take on the likes of the Indigo’s and the Petra’s and give them a real run for their money.But in reality there will be the Verna’s and the Fiesta’s who will be sweating their guts out.Of course there is some real stiff competition in that sense from these new,increasingly fiery,increasingly sophisticated diesels with their nose-up sense of prestige.The Logan of course is the Great White Hope for the mega tie-up between Mahindra and Renault.

An initial glance at the specifications shows you 65bhp from a 1.5-litre diesel which may not be even a scratch on the Verna’s brow,but it does manage to closely match the Fiesta’s 68bhp power output.But the Logan D’s biggest virtue is the fact that you can buy one for Rs 5.5 lakh! Most other diesel saloons which offer near as much space and comfort,except for may be the Indigo,cost almost an additional Rs 2 lakh.

The Logan’s wide stance makes it look like a stubby nononsense vehicle,more like a hardworking middle class man rather than a flamboyant design in motion.The interiors are functional and all controls are ergonomically placed except for the bonnet release lever,which is still on the passenger side.There are a couple of strange details:the tacho surprisingly has no redline and the driver’s seat height-adjust needs you to get off the seat for the seat to adjust.

The diesel hearted Logan seems agile and sprightly in motion.It feels nippy for the moderate 65bhp that it produces.It responds well to throttle demands and the evenly spread torque band, peaking at 160Nm,means overtaking is not a problem.The clutch and gearbox are light,with enough feel,and the brakes do a reasonable job although a bit more bite would make them nicer.The engine is quite refined,although it does get a little rough as you close in on the 4,000 plus rpm redline.But then again it is the Logan D in question,not a supercharged drag racer.With the floor mat sorted and the accelerator going all the way to the floor the Logan certainly moved with much more enthusiasm.

Seating comfort is also quite good with very sculpted front seats at the front and a wide rear bench at the back. Under-thigh support however could have been better at the rear to make longer drives more comfortable. Spec for spec and number for number,the Logan might not be much of a match for the executive saloons.But there’s one little detail,the Logan D starts at Rs 5.47 lakh (ex-showroom,Mumbai),and goes up to Rs 6.43 lakh for the top-end model,and it changes absolutely everything.That price is INSANE.
This is car-you-need territory.It isn’t exactly an aspirational object,it isn’t meant to be.Aspirational objects do not make numbers,but cars like the Logan do - and that is the basis of the Mahindra-Renault venture of course.This is a family car for people on a budget,not a teenybopper-mobile.There’s an engaging honesty about it:you know it’s a low-cost car and will function accordingly.The other end of the stick is the Indigo,which wants to be a limo but is a cheap,unsorted car that sells on price and space.Now the Logan starts to grow on you.And doesn’t stop.It takes little more than a short drive to convince you that the Logan is brilliant at everything it does.

Sometimes we auto hacks can get our heads up our own backsides.We yap on too much about the things that we like, things like a zillion bhp,F1-like cornering ability,and some more bhp.And you don’t always need that.Even stuff like ‘perceived’quality is just fluff - if the car doesn’t fall apart,it’s good quality,never mind how soft the dash plastics are.

And the height adjust and the tacho without a redline - it’s cool that you get them at all at the price.The dash is clear and practical.The design may look plain,but it makes for a vast rear seat,with bus-like windows. It isn’t bad to drive.For one,it rides well.Correction.It rides incredibly well.The Mumbai-Nasik highway isn’t velvet,and the Logan deals with potholes without any complaints. It handles competently too;there’s a hint of body roll,but nothing to complain about.It’s stable at high speeds,and doesn’t skitter on the now-choppy Expressway.And it’s efficient:19kpl is an astonishing figure for a saloon this big. At the price,you can’t even expect a better car.

India is an eccentric market.Talented cars don’t always succeed,but well-judged ones do.India’s list of requirements is simple,and the Logan covers most of them:

A) Make it inexpensive.(Yes)
B) Make it efficient.(Yes)
C) Make it spacious.(Yes)
D) Give it a good ride.(Yes)
E) Give it a flexible engine so it works well in traffic. (Yes)
F) Give it a big boot.(Yes)
G) Make it tough.(Yes)

NB: We have said inexpensive,not cheap,because the two things aren’t the same.The Logan doesn’t cost much to buy, but it doesn’t cut corners.It doesn’t give you anything you don’t need,but as transport,it’s next to flawless.

(Courtesy :- Times Drive, The Timers of India)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

‘Dil ko dekho, chhehra na dekho’

There is an Urdu shairi that goes like this: ‘Dil ko dekho, chhehra na dekho’ which loosely translated says, ‘look at the heart (or soul) not the face.’
The newly launched Mahindra Renault Logan slips easily in to this verse. Perhaps it is not as chic as the Maruti Zen Estilo, as contemporary as the Getz Prime or as curvy as the Fiat Palio, but it has an USP that spells performance, economy and value for money and interiors as big as its heart. No one can say that it is not good looking; it’s just that it may not be mirror cracking material. Put succinctly it is ‘modern and attractive in line with international standards spacious and highly competitive in price.’
One of its USP is unrivalled roominess in its price segment. Besides it possesses all the fundamental safety specifications to meet both European and international standards. The wide bodied car has comfortable seating for three persons in the rear, with individual headrests. It has a boot capacity of 510 litres, which is the best in its category. Mahindra & Mahindra will use its extensive dealer network to distribute this car in India.
Almost 450,000 Logan are being sold in 51 countries on 5 continents. The price of the vehicle ex-New Mumbai for the Petrol 1400 and 1600cc versions ranges from Rs.4.28 lakhs to Rs.5.69 lakhs. The diesel 1500cc version varies from Rs.5.47 lakhs to Rs.6.44 lakhs. In Phase I it will be launched in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Nasik, Chandigarh and Ludhiana-deliveries will start in May; In Phase II the car will open for bookings in another 15 cities with deliveries commencing in June.
Logan’s exterior design is accentuated by wheel arches, sleek body sides and bonnet. The rear lamp clusters are off set at an angle to smoothen the structured edges. The Renault badge is prominent on the grille, accentuated with headlamps that provide a sharp visual in front. The air-conditioning and heating system is designed to suit India’s extreme climatic conditions. Low running and maintenance costs were major priorities.
The heart of the Logan is its state-of-the-art engines offered in 3 options – 1.4 and 1.6 litre petrol and a 1.5 litre diesel. The 1.4 petrol delivers 75hp, the 1.6 up to 84hp; the diesel offers 65hp. Transmission is a 5-speed manual gearbox common for both. The power steering offers superior handling with reduced turning radius of 5.25 metres. An alphanumeric display in the centre of the dashboard brings together warning lights and data supplied by the onboard computer.
The second-generation 1.5 dCi CRD engine gives a performance yet to be surpassed in this segment and is a product of the Renault group. It delivers an astounding fuel economy of 14-18 km/litre is delivered. Emission levels 125g/km of CO2 – is best among diesel cars.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Now u Believe me???

Here is an email reply that i received from a Romanian dude who was involved in the Logan project in India. I asked him what he felt about Mahindra's pricing and here's the reply:

First of all, thanks for your message!Regarding the pricing in India, I am no expert, but I am sure that you can find in India cars even cheaper that the Logan, just as it happens in Romania.I guess Mahindra Renault came up with a price that makes the car at least "potentially" attractive. The initial Logan project proposed a car at 5,000 Euro, but even in Romania the base price is now 6,400 Euro (for the 1.4 petrol engine), while in Western Europe it exceeds 7,500 Euro. The fact is that the price for Logan, just as for all cars, is not the exact value of the work put in that car: it is a price that enough people would pay, and by "enough" I mean a fine balance between the number of customers and the profit per car.

Can Mahindra Renault post a lower price for Logan? Definetely YES! They will probably do it sooner or later, once the competition heats up. But for the time being, you have to notice this: although Logan is usually named "low cost car", in reality it is "more car for less money". It doesn't come cheap, this is true, but if you compare it with other cars in terms of space, servicing costs, and even comfort, you'll find the "real" competitors with tags that are at least 2,000 USD higher.In addition to that, the diesel engine is quite a bargain in terms of consumption. I'll give you in advance what my next blog post will say: in its first trip outside the city, my Logan "drank" 4.1 liters for 100 km, which is extremely low for a car of this size, with an engine that is still not "rounded" yet!I hope this helps...
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Monday, April 16, 2007

No Comparision with the LOGAN!!


Check the below comparisons with other successful cars.. The Logan surely Outperforms!!

WIDEST (in mm)
LOGAN 1740

OPTRA 1725


LOGAN 1534
OPTRA 1445

Color Options In the LOGAN

Please Note:- The Models GL,GLE and DLE have only Sahara Beige and Fiery Black as options. Only the top models GLS and DLS have all color options.

Friday, April 6, 2007



Carlos Ghosn, president & CEO of Renault SA, said:
“Today signals a new step in Renault’s global expansion. It marks the start of Renault sales on the Indian market and sees the first right hand drive version of Logan created to meet the needs of our Indian customers.”


Model Price (in INR) **
GL 1.4 - - - - - - - 427,950
GLE 1.4 - - - - - - 471,915
GLS 1.6 - - - - - - 568,789
Model Price (in INR) **

DLE 1.5 dci - - - - 547,064
DLS 1.5 dci - - - - 643,939

**(all above prices are Ex-Showroom NaviMumbai)

MUMBAI: Fuelling competition in the Indian mid-size car market, Mahindra-Renault on Tuesday unveiled 'Logan' - an entry-level no frills sedan - with prices starting at Rs 4.28 lakh for the base petrol variant.

The joint venture company between India's Mahindra and Mahindra and French auto maker will be rolling out 50,000 units of Logan this year from Mahindra's Nashik facility set up at a cost of Rs 700 crore.

While the 1.4 litre petrol engine variant is priced at Rs 4.28 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai), the 1.61 litre carries a price tag of Rs 5.69 lakh. The 1.5 litre diesel engine car, which has two variants, comes at a price of Rs 5.47 lakh to Rs 6.44 lakh. Initially, Logan will hit the roads in the top 10 cities of the country in the second week of this month.

"We aim to sell the entire production capacity of 50,000 units per annum from the Nashik plant in the Indian market and we do not have plans to export the product at the moment," M&M Vice Chairman and Managing Director Anand Mahindra said here at a function to unveil the car. Renault SA President and CEO Carlos Ghosn said the joint venture entity, in which Mahindra holds 51 per cent, would 'ramp up production' if the market so demands.

The sedan, developed by Renault and its Romanian affiliate Dacia is modern but stripped of costly design features. It is almost a runaway success in the European market and has sold almost 450,000 units worldwide since its launch in 2004.

"Almost 50 per cent of the parts used in the car are sourced from Indian OEMs. Engines, however, are being sourced from Romania and Spain," Mahindra said, adding that the company would use local engines on a later date.
(Times Of India, 3 Apr, 2007 16-48hrs )

-Saumil Bhavsar (0-98925-98827)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is it Worth Waiting for the Logan!?

Logan is the European face of low cost manufacturing which knocks out many global manufacturers, now heads to India-paradise of low cost manufacturing. Renault is now cloning its success to Nashik-where 5 lakh cars is going to be produced through a joint venture between Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) and Renault. The car is sold across three continents i.e. European, African and Asian and in 42 countries (the car is not offered in US).Despite the low cost 5000 euros (Rs3,00,000) its quality nothing sort of a good car from other manufacturers. Toyota and GM is drawing methods to produce a low cost vehicle that could challenge the Logan.

Engine and Powertrain:
The car will be made available with three different engine options and in as many as eleven variants, to compete from indigo to fiesta, from Verna to aveo. The company is looking at launching two petrol engines for the car — a 75bhp, 1.4-litre and a 105bhp, 1.6-litre and a 70bhp, 1.5-litre common rail direct ignition (CRDi) K9K diesel engine. It comes with second-generation common-rail injection and a low-inertia turbo. Power output is a modest 70bhp, similar to the Tata Indigo, but the torque of 16.3kgm is (higher than the Tata indigo) with 85% of peak torque available between 1,500 and 3,500rpm, the 70hp 1.5 dCi engine delivers lively acceleration that will meet your expectations. Gear ratio is good enough to exploit the torque of the engine i.e. you don’t need often switch gears. Supercharged by a low-inertia turbocharger to reduce the response time, it combines comfort and driving flexibility. Since a large amount of soundproofing (to preserve the low cost) was omitted, road vibrations and engine sound and wind noise are noticeable for the passengers. The engines are specially prepared to handle lower quality fuel, preserving the fuel economy and pollution levels. Combined with its 50-litre tank, the model’s low fuel consumption gives it a basic range of over 1,000 kilometers The Logan 1.5 dCi accelerates from 0 to 100kph in just 15 seconds quicker than fiesta and indigo. Fuel consumption is very frugal. Deduce the figure by 25% for India u will happy to ride it against Indigo and Verna. Fiesta cannot match its low cost despite equable mileage.
Mileage figures in Europe
1.4l(pet) 1.6l(pet) 1.5l(die)14.7kpl 13.7kpl 21.3kpl

Price band
Logan combines keen pricing with low running cost. It requires servicing gasoline engines for every 30000km and 20000km for diesel engines and Renault provides generous warranty (3yr or 100000km warranty). The petrol Logan is estimated to be priced at between Rs 4.5 and Rs 4.8 lakh (base model) while the diesel variants will be priced around Rs 5.5 lakh.
Design and comfort:
The Logan is based on the B platform on which third generation Renault cars are built. Logan designer Kenneth Melville (the man who designed the Mercedes SLK) told Business Week, the original design brief for the auto was a “value-for-money car with a lot of space and the stately look of a sedan.” Certainly Logan serves the purpose.

In order to make maximum savings on production costs and recycle components and technical solutions already in stock, the car comes with a flatter windscreen than usual, a single body shell (to save on welding), rear-view mirrors are symmetrical and can be used on either sides of the car and a dashboard moulded in one piece. The rear lamp clusters, set at an angle, smooth out the car’s structured edges. The Indian Logan is all set to get a different grille and a Renault logo. It will also come with new lights and an entirely body-coloured nose. The aerodynamic drag coefficient is 0.360.Ground clearance is 155mm where Mahindra&Mahindra and Renault have to work out for the Indian roads. Logan suspension is said to be soft and strong, and the chassis sits visibly higher than most other cars help it to negotiate dirt roads and potholes and is appreciated by many auto analysts, but the real test will come when the car hits the Indian road.

With a record wheelbase of 2630mm against indigo (2450mm), Verna (2500mm), Fiesta (2486mm) it is more spacious and it can be compared with what tata calls indigo limousine(Indigo XL pricing almost 7 lakh).The Logan’s interior space was designed for countries where it is common for whole families to pile into one car! So there are 5 proper seats and a very large boot with a capacity of 510 litres, offering best-in-class value. Three very tall passengers (over 1900 m) can sit comfortably in the back. The width of the seats (1,420 mm), foot room (420 mm) is generous, and there is 185 mm of knee room. The adjustable steering column and seat and with a cabin length of 1685mm (you no longer need to adjust for the driver).Air conditioning takes between 3 to 10 minutes maximum to reach the desired temperature and is powerful enough to lower temperature even from 40C. The absence of a boot release means you have to use the key each time you want to open the boot. This certainly is taking cost cutting a bit too far

Logan is the European face of low cost manufacturing which knocks out many global manufacturers, now heads to India-paradise of low cost manufacturing. Renault is now cloning its success to Nashik-where 5 lakh cars(that number could increase by 3lakh if Nissan decides to join the duo) is going to be produced through a joint venture between Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) and Renault. The car is sold across three continents i.e. European, African and Asian and in 42 countries (the car is not offered in US).Despite the low cost 5000 euros (Rs3,00,000) its quality nothing sort of a good car from other manufacturers. Toyota and GM is drawing methods to produce a low cost vehicle that could challenge the Logan.

Safety and special features:
The Logan was the subject of intensive work regarding safety. The vehicle’s structure has deformation zones and is designed to disperse the kinetic energy of an impact. The dashboard is also of major importance in providing protection in the event of frontal impact. Its honeycomb structure, made of highly absorbent polypropylene, reduces the risk of knee injury in the event of an impact, while the structure of the seats keeps the pelvis in an appropriate position. Despite the low cost Renault’s use of digital simulation makes the car fetch an overall rating of 9 EuroNcap. Airbags, ABS (antilock braking system), child seat, EBD (electronic brake distribution) and for other features we have to wait till the launch of the car probably on 4th April!!

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The Mahindra Renault Logan

When to expect: 3-4th April2007
Estimated Price: 4.5-5.5 Lakh
Mahindra Renault Ltd (Mahindra and Renault’s 51:49 JV) is introducing Logan in India. Renault Logan (also known as Dacia Logan) is a robust, reliable, economical mid-sizer. It has very good space and comfort is good too. Logan coming to India is stripped-down version of European Logan and will have very basic features only. This car is expected to do good in rural areas where Mahindra has better reach. This car will attract prospective Esteem/Indigo buyers and will succeed in breaking many of them. It would be very good option for people seeking a basic, reliable, contemporary sedan.

However, Mahindra has kept all the details secret as of now but if we believe that this is the same car as being sold in some European countries then we have got a little to talk about here.2630mm of wheelbase would be a class-leader and will provide ample legroom in front and rear both. 510 liters of boot-space would be more than adequate. Renault’s engineering and Mahindra’s dealer-network should give fantastic after-sales-services and reliability.1.4L, 76ps Petrol engine’s performance would be good enough unless they tune engine too much for better fuel economy. Car should have performance figures similar to that of Maruti Esteem With a top-speed of 155-160kmph and 0-100km in 13-14 seconds. Fuel economy for this car should be in 10-15 kmpl on city-highway roads.1.5L, 71ps Diesel engine too is good enough and is far better than its closest competitor, Tata Indigo. With a top-speed of 150-155 kmph and 0-100km in 16-17 seconds it will really be a boon at the price it is expected to be offered. This car should give 12-17 kmpl on Indian city roads/highways.

Quick Facts
Car Segment/Body style: Midsize/SedanFuel

Type: Petrol, DieselEngine: 1.4L (1390cc) Petrol, 1.5L (1461cc) Diesel

Max Power/Torque: 76ps/111Nm (Petrol), 71ps/160Nm (Diesel)Dimensions (LxWxH): 4250×1975x1525 mm