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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Design a New LOGAN and More!!!

Mumbai, July 19: French carmaker Renault, which plans to develop USD 3,000 car for the Indian market, today said it has opened a design centre - Renault design India.

The design unit would be developed as other units in Barcelona, Paris and Bucharest to handle initial project design to final mock-up of a vehicle, Renault said in a statement.

The centre was earlier operating as an "observation unit" with six employees. Thecompany plans to hire more automobile designers.

Renault design India in association with AutoCar magazine is launching a competition called "Inddesign" to turn the spotlight on Indian design.

The competition winner would get a three-month placement at Renault design India, it said.

The Mumbai design centre played a major role in the Logan car, the company said. Renault and Mahindra have a joint venture to make Logan in India.

It has a separate venture with Mahindra and Nissan Motor to make cars in Chennai.

Source : Zee News Web.

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